The Bedroom: How to Get The Most Use Out of Your Investment

The Bedroom: How to Get The Most Use Out of Your Investment

The bedroom is an important part of any home. It’s especially important so guests feel like they are “at home” when they are in a different city. Every detail of a short term rental property counts to a guest, so why not start with the bedroom? The HOST recommends the following to get the most use of your investment:

1. A Queen or King-Size Bed
2. Mattress
3. Box Spring
4. Zippered Mattress Protector
The protector must wrap all around the mattress and is zipped-tight

5. Breathable Pillows
6.Zippered Pillow Protectors
All protectors should prevent water and bed bugs and should have fully zipped protection
7. 2 Sets of Colored Bed Sheets
Colored sheets will last longer and will not have the lasting damages of bleach on white; normal stains tend to not show as they do on white sheets  
You can put the comforter in the duvet cover during the winter as an extra layer of warmth and take it off during the summer.
9.2 sets of Duvet covers
Interchange with each reservation
10.Two Nightstands
11. 8×10 Area Rug
12. Focal Art Piece
13. 2 Table Lamps
With USB chargers on each side
14. Light Reading Materials
Materials such as magazines, books, etc.

15. Accent Chair
16. Floor Lamp
17. Chest or Five Drawer Dresser
So guests have a dresser to put their clothes in
If there isn’t a closet, use a standing rack so guests can use to hang clothes

These are highly encouraged recommendations for the bedroom in your vacation rental.



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