The HOST connects homeowners, travelers, and hospitality service providers to create a vacation experience that benefits everyone. Driven by innovative thinking and an inclusive approach, we empower travelers to ask for more, homeowners to regain their independence, and service providers to grow their business. At The HOST, we believe renting out your home shouldn’t be a full-time job. We want you to reap the rewards of your rental home without taking time out of your busy day. Our trusted network of first-class service providers will take your home from a place to crash to a getaway your guests will never forget. The HOST is all about unlocking your potential– whether it’s in your home, on your vacation, or with your business– we want to help you do more.


Amy HeintzHomeowner

The HOST is great for me because it allows me to have control over my property and allows me to be as involved as I want or can be. Guest concierges are responsible, know their business, know what travelers want and are flexible with me as a homeowner. We’ve had guests leave notes and reviews about how great their experience was.

David MalkaShort Term Rental Entrepreneur
There are a whole array of things that go into running short term vacation rentals, and The HOST is paramount in the management and development of our properties. It’s inevitable that something is going to go wrong, and it’s key to have a team on the ground that you can trust. The HOST provided me such a good cleaner and such a good handyman; you can find these people on other services, but the fact that I don’t have to deal with that is a big deal for my business. Access to the network of service providers, such as plumbers and maintenance and security, helps me run my short term rental business more smoothly. I basically tell The HOST all the pertinent information, and they are so competent at handling my requests that I know it will just be done.

A Fluff-Free Guide to Short Term Home Rentals

We designed this guide to give people who are new to the short-term rental industry some functional tips from what to think about before purchasing the property through dealing with your guests. Think of it like a crash course. No fluff. Just honest advice. Please enter your name and email below to download the eBook.