Short-Term Rentals: How To Keep Your Side Venture from Becoming a Full-Time Job

Short-Term Rentals: How To Keep Your Side Venture from Becoming a Full-Time Job

The average short-term rental homeowner spends ten hours per booking on renting out their home. Surprised? If you’re already involved in renting out home space on sites like Airbnb or VRBO, ten hours may not shock you. Learn how a new platform for connecting short-term rentals with service providers and travelers is providing management solutions to get you more money and time.

We all have friends who rent their extra rooms or vacation homes to save up for a trip, pay off loans, or maybe even pay all their bills. You may learn when you venture into the short-term rental industry that renting out your home can be a full-time job. When you consider laundry, housecleaning, managing the booking, scheduling the guest’s arrival, meeting the guest, arranging for key exchange, and taking care of any unexpected duties, ten hours doesn’t seem like much.

This is where The HOST comes in. The HOST is the future of the short-term rental industry. The HOST represents the vision of Brittney Greene, a veteran in the hospitality business, who knows how to maximize the rental experience, so that homeowners receive higher returns and travelers experience custom, first-class vacations. The HOST provides a network of homeowners with aggregated listings of their rental properties for travelers to peruse. Homeowners and guests are also connected with service providers who can help out with every aspect of the rental from booking, through security, all the way to arranging tours and restaurant reservations for guests.

While many of us would love to hire someone who could manage our property, not every homeowner is equipped financially or logistically to take on an employee. With the short-term rental economy becoming a legal part of the economic fabric of our cities, we should be looking to maximize these opportunities instead of throwing in the towel. We don’t just work to help homeowners, but can offer service providers with local opportunities to grow their businesses. By working other vacation homes in our network, we want to get the whole community additional sources of income.

The HOST not only connects homeowners to reliable service providers in the area, but can provide full-service property management. They’ll take over the time-consuming tasks of turning over your home between rentals, so that you don’t even have to think about them. If you want a little more control, they’ll send you photographs of the home before and after each guest visit, so that you stay as involved as you’d like. Flexibility and customization mean you determine your level of participation.

Keep up with The HOST to learn how we’re revolutionizing the vacation rental industry and learn how to maximize your home’s earning potential.

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