How Can I Trust A Stranger In My House?

How Can I Trust A Stranger In My House?

Many people looking to rent their property don’t feel safe allowing a rotating list of strangers into their houses. Especially if you’re renting a home remotely, it’s difficult to get over the fear that your home is left vulnerable without you.

Homeowners can go crazy worrying about:

  • Theft
  • Damage to property
  • Additional guests not approved in advance
  • Parties
  • Lost keys
  • Guests or service providers (cleaners, repairmen) forgetting to lock up


Luckily, numerous businesses have developed exciting solutions for these security problems. The HOST, a full-time service management platform for short-term rentals, not only partners with many of these security companies, but also manages the dispersal of secure information with care and diligence.

Smart Locks

Smart locks work with Bluetooth technology to link between your phone and the lock. With the touch of a button, you can get into your home without reaching for your keys. When renting out your home, The HOST will provide your renters with the appropriate code, so that they can get in without ever receiving a key. No more worrying about your guests losing keys or worse– making copies of the keys. When your guests’ stay is over, host ambassadors at The HOST will retract the digital key from them, so that your home remains yours.


Nest home security products are the Big Brother of your property management crew. Your team can be notified by phone if a smoke detector battery is running low or if it senses carbon monoxide. That means your local contact can inform you and your guests of a problem within minutes. Nest even makes thermostats you can control from your phone. If your guests have raised the temperature too high, turn it back down when they leave without ever even getting out of bed. While you probably don’t want to make your guests feel like they’re being spied on, Nest cameras are a good investment for your outdoor security. With the combination of a Nest door camera and a smart lock, The HOST can even screen your guests, cleaners, repairmen, plumbers, or gardeners by video and then unlock the door for them.

Party Squasher

Many homeowners don’t allow parties at their rentals and have a maximum number of guests they permit. But how do you really know your guests aren’t throwing a party or inviting others to stay at your home? Party Squasher can tell how many mobile devices are in your home even if they don’t connect to your wi-fi network. Your team at The HOST will get a text message if too many party animals are in the building. Your host ambassador  can even handle the awkward task of contacting the guest to let them know they need to take their shenanigans elsewhere.
Still concerned? With today’s rapidly advancing smartphone technology, you’re always in control and in the know. With The HOST’s world class property management services, you can pass off your security cap knowing that your home is in good hands.

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