It Takes a Village: Building a Management Team to Optimize Your Short-Term Rental

It Takes a Village: Building a Management Team to Optimize Your Short-Term Rental

Imagine if you could provide your guests with all the charm of a bed and breakfast, the personal intimacy of staying at a friend’s house and the five-star amenities of staying in a world class hotel. By building a team of hospitality professionals, you can! One homeowner in New Orleans’ Garden District, Amy Heintz, demonstrates just how much you can optimize your home’s potential with a collaborative effort.

Amy begins with a host ambassador. Host Ambassadors are the right hand of the homeowners. They streamline communication and organize the ‘on the ground’ team’s logistical efforts. Generally, a host ambassador handles every part of onboarding the team after the bookings are made by their remote booking partner, Evolve Vacation Rental Network. Their assigned ambassador maintains the home calendar of scheduling the house team from The HOST platform which has all the bookings in one place, making it less likely that she misses a service request and is “on call” for any special requests or approving restock amenities to the home.

Amy’s host ambassador can’t run the show by herself. We are talking about a team here. She’ll schedule the cleaners around the bookings and any necessary maintenance to make sure that the home is always ready for guests. Most homeowners complain that managing the turnover between bookings is one of the most demanding aspects of renting out their homes. With an army of service providers and a shareable calendar, the HOST makes transitions smooth and easy.

The host ambassador may also recruit a stager to set up the home for guests. In large homes, homeowners often need an extra person to maintain the style and ambiance of the home. Think of it this way– if you had friends coming to stay, you wouldn’t just clean the home. You’d put out towels and toiletries. You’d make sure the right blanket is laid on the couch and the toilet paper is well-stocked. You might even set out a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses. Reviews of popular listings on any rental website show guests raving again and again about unexpected details like these. Luckily, even if you aren’t a mini-Martha Stewart, your host ambassador can help you dream up unique ways to make your home special.

Finally, Amy’s host ambassador schedules the final member of their team: a guest concierge. He or she will make the guest feel welcome and check in about their needs for planning their ideal vacation. Typically the concierge has also already spoken with the guests in advance about their plans. In high tourist destinations such as New Orleans, the options for activities can be overwhelming. The guest concierge can arrange tours, excursions, transportation, and make restaurant reservations as well.
With a team like Amy’s, guests are sure to feel that they’ve been treated like royalty on their vacation and come back to visit again.

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