Gifts Galore: Magic Bank and The HOST Partner to Make Your Guests Feel Welcome

Gifts Galore: Magic Bank and The HOST Partner to Make Your Guests Feel Welcome

Have you ever checked into a bed and breakfast, vacation rental home, or hotel and found a special gift waiting for you? Bet it brought an immediate smile to your face, right? Welcome gifts are a common part of weddings, bachelorette parties, and conferences these days because they set a celebratory tone right away. But the best stand-out gifts are local, unique, and have character. That means they require the time that you may not have to shop and restock with every new guest. Thanks to an exciting partnership with Magic Bank and The HOST, you can select Magic Bank’s specialized welcome gift packages through The HOST’s digital platform. Your visitors will feel like the guest of honor from the moment they step into your home, and all you need to do is click your mouse.

We talked to the Magic Bank masterminds who know what makes a great gift. Meet Kristen and Nic, self-described “best friends, business partners, and connoisseurs of the unforgettable!”

How did you get started with Magic Bank?
We met as Executive Assistants in New York City, where we planned Board Meetings that weren’t boring, Company Offsites meant to inspire, and Client Gifts designed to impress.

Every time we found a vendor who offered something special, a private dining space no one had heard of yet, or an experience that would definitely blow minds, we stored it away in our proprietary database, Magic Bank.

How is Magic Bank partnering with The HOST?
More and more travelers are opting to check into a rental property instead of a hotel, but they still want the amenities and customer service of a five star resort. We like that the The HOST offers these amenities to their travelers as a convenience to their homeowners, and are really excited to be part of it!

Our custom Welcome Gifts were curated exclusively for The HOST’s properties, and will set the tone for a great New Orleans trip from the moment travelers walk into their new home for the weekend.

What are some of the products in The HOST’s welcome baskets?

We wanted to focus on featuring local talent in our Welcome Gifts, so there are lots of products from small businesses headquartered here in New Orleans. We also wanted to make sure to capture the spirit of New Orleans and tried to encompass the “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” flair in each Gift!

How did you pick the vendors whose products you feature?
Our biggest job is research, and we are constantly searching for up and coming products, locally, nationally, and internationally. We love to promote small businesses that are hustling. Our standard test is that if it’s found on the first 20 pages of a Google search, it’s probably not for us. Finding unique items is really our passion.

Can homeowners customize their welcome baskets?
Absolutely! Anyone can get a customized Gifting Proposal by filling out our simple form on

Kristen and Nic’s enthusiasm is undeniable and matches perfectly with The HOST’s commitment to streamlining and enhancing your vacation home rental. On their overall philosophy they say, “We believe that a thoughtful gift can help build relationships and enhance brand identity. And we find true happiness in blowing people’s minds by introducing them to things they didn’t know were possible.” Consider our minds blown. Register with The HOST today to start giving your guests the gifts and experience that will ensure returns.

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