Decorating Your City Vacation Rental

Decorating Your City Vacation Rental

Decorating a rental property can be hard. What theme should it be? What’s my budget? Where do I shop?  Each property’s design depends on the location, the occupancy level, and what type of amenities it needs to offer.

Thankfully, TheHOST provides interior design services, and a couple of websites to help you pick out that perfect new sofa or decide between an urban or japanese style design.

We’ve provided an easy guide for you to follow when decorating, whether that be a whole property re-do or just adding in a couple of finishing touches to different rooms.

Step 1: Assess your needs

  • Do you need to re-do an entire property or just one room?
  • Are there any amenities that you feel you should upgrade to?

Step 2: Decide on a budget

  • Sticking to a set budget will help focus your search for certain products. For example, if you know you have $2,000 to spend, maybe buying that $900 dining room set is not going to work.
  • We’ve made it simple on our design ideas page and separated some of the major purchases into basic, standard, and premium products. Making it easier on you to stick to your budget!

Step 3: Decide on a theme

  • There are so many design themes to choose from, but sticking to a theme for your entire property helps give the rental a nice flow and a cohesive feel.
  • If you aren’t sure what certain design themes entail, check out our pinterest board for some great ideas!

Step 4: Do you have the time to do it yourself?

  • Once you’ve decided on a budget, you need to decide whether or not you have enough time to dedicate to decorating. Remember this entails searching for products, ordering everything, and then staging your property.
  • If you feel as though you don’t have time for everything, place your faith in our design team! We’d love to help you come up with the perfect place for you guests and take some of the grunt work off your back! Email for more information.


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