Getting Started – Must Haves

Getting Started – Must Haves

The HOST connects homeowners, travelers, and hospitality service providers to create a vacation experience that benefits everyone. To be a managed by the HOST, a property will need the following: protective covers on mattresses and pillows, backup linens, backup towels, laundry detergent, dish washing pods, broom/dust pan and vacuum cleaner before the onboarding process begins. Recommendations: keyless entry, a backup lockbox, and a cleaner’s closet. 

The HOST recommends specific products for each “must have”. The link to the products can be found on the website by clicking “Products” on the menu, or at this link.


1.Protective Covers (Bedroom Item)

You will need protective covers for each pillow and mattress (one per pillow and one per mattress).

Note: These will protect your mattresses for longer usage.


2.Backup Linens- A Different Color for Each Size (Bedroom Item)

The property owner will need two times the number of linens as a backup. If there’s not a high capacity washer / dryer present, then you will need three times the number of linens as a backup.

For example, if the property has three beds (with a high capacity washer and dryer), then six backup linens are required.

Note: These essentials enable efficient turnovers.


3. Backup Towels (Bathroom Item)

The property owner will need two times the number of towels per person that the home can accommodate. If a washer or dryer is not present, then you will need three times the number of towels per person that the home can accommodate.


4. Supplies (Restock Item)

We recommend you have all of the following items: coffee/K Cups, Splenda, liquid creamer, paper towels, large trash bags, small dish soap (5 oz), dishwasher pods, disposable kitchen sponge, small trash bags, shampoo (1 oz), conditioner (1 oz), body wash (1 oz), hand soap (5 oz), toilet paper, and laundry pods. If you have a specific kind of wood that needs a specific oil, you will have to supply that.

Or if you would like cleaners to use specific cleaning products:

  1. You can opt-in for The HOST Boxes (also known as House Duties Monthly) (an additional cost) and we will supply small packages for each guest.

      2. You will stock all of these items for every guest and place and lock it in the cleaner’s closet.


5. Keyless entry (Security Item)

Keyless entry systems allow you to unlock and lock the doors to your property without using a key. Keyless entry prevents lockouts and the losing of keys while the guest is at the property. The HOST can add the last 4 digits of the guest’s phone number and delete the code after their stay if the property owner opt into the guest concierge service.


6. Backup Key Box or Garage Entry  (Security Item)

The backup lockbox is used to store the keyless entry keys inside in case the batteries die. 

Note: This is a secondary access to the home. This ensure no lockouts occur. This is to try to avoid any locksmith costs.

7. Cleaner’s Closet  (Security Item)

The cleaner’s closet is where the backup supplies/HOST boxes towels and linens will go. This closet will keep all the products organized and in one place for the cleaner.


8. Cleaner’s Closet Magnetic Lockbox  (Security Item)

The key to the cleaner’s closet will be placed inside the magnetic lockbox, which will be placed on top of the hot water heater. 

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