As owner of the HOST, I receive several requests for an easier more efficient way to preform supply checks for vacation homes. It is a meticulous yet required process in order to be successful with a vacation home. The process looks like this – take inventory of restock supplies in home, purchase the needed supplies, deliver to the home and then store in the storage location (usually a designated locked closet aka cleaners closet.) As you can imagine it took a considerable amount of time to keep up with the constant demands of inventorying each home knowingly these tasks would need to be performed as the supplies depleted or after reservations check-out so pretty often.

In coming up with a solution there were several factors to consider such as, does the property have a locked cleaners closet to store supplies or where would supplies go otherwise, what is a base supply of restock essentials required for each reservation, what variables would need to be considered for each home and the best delivery method to restock.

In an effort to meet these requests we created our first product called HOST BOX. This is a solo box of each basic essential a guest expects to be in the home upon their arrival. The box is shipped directly to the home before each cleaning so it can be put out before the next reservation. If the home has a cleaners closet then we recommend purchasing the bulk HOST BOX which includes 4 reservations worth of supplies and you can lock up for your cleaner to use after each booking.




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